BALFLEX Chile – Opening of its branch in Puerto Montt

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Puerto Montt is a city and commune in the southern zone of Chile, capital of the Llanquihue province and the Los Lagos Region.

For BALFLEX it is the most southern subsidiary in the world, located 1,032 km from the capital, mainly supplying fish farming centers for salmon and trout farming.

Through our Business Executives and Technicians in the area, it has allowed us to learn about the needs of this market and have come to deliver solutions in maintenance and oxygenation processes in farming centers, seabed rescue, mortality collection and marine cage implementation, among others.


Our facilities are located on Ruta 5 Sur Km. 1017.5 – Espacio Puerto Lote 1B, this place is located on the first line of Ruta 5 Sur, close to Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, cities that have a lot of economic activity.

The facilities correspond to an establishment within an industrial area that consists of a total area of 360 m2 that belongs to a 324 m2 warehouse, contemplating 1,280 SKUs and 36 m2 of office.

BALFLEX has professionals and expert technicians in the area, who will provide our clients with advice and efficient solutions. Emphasizing the manufacture of flexibles in the facilities to reduce manufacturing costs and promoting fast and timely delivery of all product lines.


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